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Electrical Test Labs of Georgia

We are a high voltage personal protective equipment testing lab, staffed by certified technicians with over 15 years experience. We are certified annually and test all PPE in compliance with ASTM, ANSI, and OSHA standards.

We feel we offer very competitive rates on cleaning and testing and we do offer a volume discount if you test more than 50 – 100 pair of gloves at a time. We would be happy to provide you with references and testimonials from our customers. In the last few weeks we tested on-site for Clay Electric Cooperative at their 6 locations. We tested over 3000 pieces of rubber, grounds, mechanicals and hot sticks.

We currently provide service to many EMC’s in the Southeast, Peace River EMC, CHELCO EMC, Gulf Coast EMC, Tri County EMC, Suwanee Valley EMC, Colquitt EMC, Middle GA EMC, Grady EMC, Central Alabama EMC and Clay Electric EMC, as well as city utilities such as City of Homestead, City of Green Cove Springs, Ft. Pierce Utilities, Kissimmee Utility Authority, Griffin Power, College Park Power, City of East Point,
City of Newnan as well as Electric Cities of GA, Talquin EMC in Tallahassee, FL . We also service many large utility contractors such asSumter Utilities, Southeastern Power, Irby Construction, Musgrove Construction, Advanced Utilities and MASTEC as well as many electrical contracting companies, including Terry’s Electric in Tampa. Another customer is Comcast Cable and all of their offices in the entire Southeast United States. Our customers all say our program “is simple, quick, and painless” as we strive to take away your headaches of staying in compliance.

We test almost every kind of PPE – gloves, sleeves, blankets, line hoses, and hoods. We do not utilize any pressure washers when we clean, but rather we hand scrub the blankets and the inside and outside of line hoses prior to testing them. Many customers see a decrease in their failure rates since they are so clean prior to testing. We also clean, wax, test and repair hot sticks as well as clean, test and repair grounds and jumpers, and test bucket trucks. When we test your grounds, we clean the insulation jacket and actually take a wire brush and completely clean the ground clamp as well as tighten screws and ferrules and replace heat shrink before testing. When we test your mechanicals, we inspect the heads to make sure the conductor is in good shape and we tighten the allen screw and clean the clamp prior to testing. We also do a continuity test or your mechanicals as well as testing the insulating value. We can build grounds and jumpers to your specifications. If you would like a quote please let me know the wire size and clamps you prefer.

Your gloves, blankets or other PPE will be thoroughly cleaned and tested once every six months or whatever reoccurring basis you choose. Depending on the number of gloves you would be sending in, you can ship them in boxes via UPS or Fed Ex or if you have a large amount, you can ship your boxes on a pallet by freight. We can discuss and price out the best and most economical method for you. We provide a quick turnaround service. If you need a reminder for retesting, we will send you an email and/or phone you 2 weeks prior to the time your gloves or any of your PPE need testing to remind you to send them to us so that your employees are never out of compliance. One unique service that we provide is if you have a single glove to fail, we will replace it with a new pair from our stock so you don’t have one brand new glove and one old one and then put the single that did not fail into your specific warehouse area and keep it in your stock. The next time you have a failure we will try to match it with a glove you have in your stock. If we can, then you now have a good pair again and there is no charge to you except for the testing. We do stock gloves, sleeves, protectors, bags, blankets and line hoses for replacement.

We look forward to coming by to sit down and talk soon. Please let me know what we can do to earn your business.

Electrical Test Labs of Georgia, Inc.
P.O. Box 217
Valdosta, GA 31603-0217
6553 Lakes Industrial Parkway
Lake Park, GA 31636
Telephone: 229-559-0109

Proudly servicing clients through-out the United States, we also sell supplies worldwide.